Introducing #darkskies2010

Posted On January 9, 2010

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20 March 2010: a worldwide celebration of starlit skies & protest against light pollution.

The idea for a social network Dark Skies event arose spontaneously on the evening of 5 January. We were chatting about the weather on Twitter and someone mentioned the stars. After a flurry of Tweets between people around the world, the idea of a Dark Skies event emerged. 20 March 2010 was chosen from several suggestions because it’s the Spring Equinox and has only a sliver of moon. Although some countries may get cloudy skies, somewhere on earth they will be clear.

The aim of #darkskies2010 is to celebrate the beauty of the stars and to highlight the menace of light pollution. It will be a worldwide event.

We will be posting more about #darkskies2010 in coming weeks. Meanwhile, why not tell us your ideas about how we can best celebrate dark skies on the Spring Equinox?

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